Astrology Candles

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Aquarius (Grapefruit & Mint)

Libra (Cucumber Water)

Pisces (Midnight Breeze & Orchid)

Leo (Black Currant & Jasmine)

Capricorn (Palo Santo)

Scorpio (Black Currant Absinthe)

Sagittarius (Happy Hour)

Aries (Mango & Coconut Milk)

Virgo (Sea Salt Orchid)

Gemini (Watermint & Honeydew)

Taurus (Honeydew Melon, Eucalyptus, Lavender)

Cancer (Moroccan Cashmere)

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Aquarius (Grapefruit & Mint), Libra (Cucumber Water), Pisces (Midnight Breeze & Orchid), Leo (Black Currant & Jasmine), Capricorn (Palo Santo), Scorpio (Black Currant Absinthe), Sagittarius (Happy Hour), Aries (Mango & Coconut Milk), Virgo (Sea Salt Orchid), Gemini (Watermint & Honeydew), Taurus (Honeydew Melon, Eucalyptus, Lavender), Cancer (Moroccan Cashmere)


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