Intuition (Lavender & Roman Chamomile)

Intuition (Lavender & Roman Chamomile)

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The Third Eye Chakra is set between the eyebrows and has no elemental association, but is represented by the color indigo. This chakra controls your intellect , intuition, wisdom and spiritual power.

Amethyst is the healing stone in this candle; “peace stone” intuition, balance, and higher wisdom

The fragrance is: Lavender & Roman chamomile (an original Soy Bella scent)

100% soy wax, Clean scents(non toxic), and double hemp wicks (clean burn + extended burn time).

***£Please allow candle to burn minimum 3 hours before extinguished, allowing the wax to melt evenly across, this helps prevent tunneling. ****

1 review for Intuition (Lavender & Roman Chamomile)

  1. Ronie

    I love this candle! Amazing!!

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